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Ayur Detox Package

Traditional Ayurvedic detox cleanses both body and mind.

In todays world of pollution and toxins it has become important to do something to purify ourself. Duration – 60 min to 120 min

This packages involves herbs, supplements, purgation , ayurvedic therapies (snehanam,swedanam, shirodhara, pizhichil etc) , dietary regimen and wellness counselling, as well as stress-relieving lifestyle practices like yoga and meditation, oil massage and herbal steam baths.Days - 8-14 DAYS

  • Full body oil massage
  • Advice Internal detox food and drinks ,needed medicines
  • 3 days full body massage and herbal steam
  • 1 day hair care – head massage, doopanam, hair pack
  • Ulkarshanam for 3 days
  • Njavara Body wrap
  • Weekly yoga and meditation sessions