Ayurveda has a wide range of treatments


Heated ayurvedic herbal oils are used to do a full body massage, revitalizing the body issues by penetrating deep into skin.

In most of the cases it is possible to select a treatment that is emotionally, culturally and economically viable for you. And it gives an experience of renewal and brings calmness to body and mind.

Flow to the energy channels are restored, and deep relaxation is attained. This therapy maintains good health, improve sleep patterns and rejuvenate the whole body. It reduces stress. Adding to it, this oil massage pacifies Vata and Kapha, gives stamina relieves fatigue, enhance the luster of skin and nourishes every part of the body. Once done, the person is made to relax for about 20 to 30 minutes, enabling the oil to get absorbed, to calm and relax the body and mind. Relaxation massages.

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